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31st October 2017 
Go rogue! Go rogue!
21st October 2011               Photo --->
After a research break and preparing for a summer of new exhibitions, I have a selection of work at the Lounge Shack in the 1911 Australasian Bank Building in Mangonui, Northland. This is a shared space in the Number 19 site on the Mangonui Historic Trail along with Audrey Mitchell who is selling a selection of deli products and collectables. Opening hours will be most weekends and Northland time on other days. There are new works along with a few old favourites.
Lounge Shack

7th September 2010
Work now in three more galleries:
Ora Design Gallery in Wellington CBD www.ora.co.nz
Matakana Gallery and Design in Matakana Park just outside of Matakana township www.matakanaartgallery.com
The Depot Artspace in Devonport, Auckland www.depotartspace.co.nz/

4th May 2010
Braveheart Exhibition.
I have four pieces in this show opening with a Gala preview on the 27th May in Auckland. Then it is on from the 28 - 30th May.

A major exhibition of quality, affordable and collectible New Zealand art will be held in Auckland by the Braveheart Youth Trust in late May to support young people who are at risk of entering our courts or prisons.

Braveheart Exhibition: www.braveheart.org.nz/events.html

8th April 2010                Photo --->
Two new pieces have been delivered to Russell Museum for their exhibition "An Unsettled History". Artists were asked to explore, address, investigate or create dialogue on the Nga Puhi Treaty Claims. The exhibition is open from the 10th April for 4 months.

Russell Museum : www.russellmuseum.org.nz
Unsettled History
6th April 2010
If it looks good, you'll see it

If it sounds good, you'll hear it

If it's marketed right, you'll buy it
But...If it's real, you'll feel it.

(Kid Rock - back cover of Rock and Roll Jesus album) (Yes I have it in my CD collection)

19th March 2010                Photo --->
ROYALLY YOURS Exhibition: I was at the opening night of this fabulous show as I have a piece in it titled: "Land is Permanent, Man Disappears" (small detail at right). There was a great turn out and lots of red dots. The show is on until the 9th April.

Letham Gallery: www.lethamgallery.co.nz

Royally Yours: www.lethamgallery.co.nz/exhibitions.aspx?id=13

10th March 2010
Letham Gallery opening of "Royally Yours" at 6.00 to 7.30pm on the 19th March 2010. I am part of this very exciting group show. The show's theme is based on concepts and imagery surrounding The Cook and the Queen, Colonization in New Zealand and the Treaty of Waitangi. My piece is a bit different to my normal work - fun and frivolous with a stiff upper lip sort of a message underlying! Other artists exhibiting in this show include: Jason Kelly, Sam Broad, Jenny Mcleod, Martin Horspool,Greg Page, Ericka Lack, Mica Still, Gary Smith, Emma Bossley, persevere, Jason Kelly.
"Land is Permanent, Man Disappears"
Some details...
Land is Permanent, Man Disappears (detail)
5th February 2010               Photo --->
On Page 18 of the latest HOME NEW ZEALAND - sub titled The Art House, February / March 2010, The Poi Room has advertised my bone singlet dresses by putting a photo of one in the Home NZ magazine. It is on a page with other photos of "pick" items, and has my name, price of the piece and where to get them from. Thanks Melanie-Jane from the Poi Room.

17th January 2010
I have just added three new pieces to my Wall Art page.
Ka Pai Aotearoa Monday Washing Day - multi coloured Kiwiana dog whistles riveted onto a baking tray.
Far as a Man May Go - Ka Kite Ano - Aotearoa - beaten steel.
Kaore te kumara e korero mo tona mangaro "The kumara does not tell of its sweetness" Copper and corrugated iron
15th January 2010
I dropped off six new pieces of work today to The Poi Room, (in Osborne St, Newmarket). Melanie-Jane, the owner, was very excited about them and was going to hang them up that afternoon. They are metal pieces from my New Zealand Landscape series. The Poi Room also stocks my bone carving dresses.
3rd January 2010
Just added
Ours Sheila Wall Art;
Liaisons Sculpture
Metal Pinking Shears Musings

14th December 2009               Photo --->
This is a very splendid day, as after much planning and lots of hard work I am very pleased to show off my new web site created all the way over in Sidney BC Canada. A huge thank you Jo all you have done for me. I so appreciate it. Also many thanks to Mark, for everything, and to Paul and Jodie in Australia for all your great suggestions and comments. I am just so delighted with the site and feel very special having just lovely support from my family.

Web site transformation in progress

8th December 2009
We have upped anchor for a few days from our mooring in Opua and are now anchored in Jacks Bay for a change of scene. This is the beauty of living and working on a boat, as I can still work, and have a break at the same time. We just watched what we assume is the caretaker of one of the houses in the bay, rake the sand on the beach so it looks nice and even we guess. Our boat is a bit hippy / pirate like, so the contrast of beautifully manicured homes in this bay with our "lovely" boat right in their view could be seen as being quite incongruous to anyone looking at the whole scenario I guess.

1st December 2009
The opening night of "Cash and Carry" the Christmas show at Satellite Gallery is tonight. I have three pieces in this group show, but unfortunately I was not able to get to the opening night. Hopefully I can get down to see the show before it ends on the 23rd December 2009.

20th November 2009
I have just had my work accepted into Just Imagine Gallery in Russell in the Bay of Islands. Just Imagine stocks works from artists from all over the world. I am very pleased to have my work in Northland now, as well as in Auckland at the Poi Room, in Warkworth at Arts Desire, in Tuakau at Blue Orange Gallery, and in Taupo at Zeayou Gallery, plus Little River Gallery in Christchurch.

12th November 2009              Photo --->             
Home at last from Canada and I am straight back into my studio creating more work. A busy time for me catching up with business. But I love it being back, crashing and banging on bits of corrugated iron and stamping my words in my studio. It is just nice and quiet on my boat, just my two dogs and me during the day - a big change from the hustle and bustle of Australia and Canada.

Yana and Jessie on Windrunner at the helm

25th October 2009                 Photo --->
On our way home from a lovely time in Canada via Sydney in Australia where we are going to see more family. I have lots of ideas from my trip so am looking forward to getting back to our boat and my studio but I still hope to find time to see some of the galleries in Sydney.

Native Art Surreal Art and Subway BC
" "

20th October 2009                Photo --->
I have just bought myself a new tool - a new Canon pocket sized camera. I have a very good camera for photographing my work, but this is great to be able to record the moment in a slightly discreet manner.

Boaters leave their mark
" "

25th September 2009         Photo --->
We are part way through our sailing holiday - seeing wonderful sights, deer swimming, seals by the hundreds, herons that are massive (they sound and look like something from the dinosaur period). The guide books on the area we are sailing in talk about the stunning scenery here, which it is - huge mountains that we are sailing between in very remote areas that are of world-class standing. These mountains though are covered with trees, but so often we see large zig zag tracks in them - from the logging that they do up here. Canadian logging is quite different to our style of logging as they don't cut all the trees down at once; they take small patches of trees out at a time leaving scars on the landscape.

Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louisa Inlet " "

30th August 2009                Photo --->          
We are off to Canada to see family in Sidney, BC again and to go sailing around the Gulf Islands, Princess Louisa Inlet (Chatterbox Falls too), and up to Desolation Sound area. I am looking forward to it very much. Seeing family is always great, but to view a different country over a long period of time (we are there for two months). Maybe when we return I will see New Zealand as ex pats do, as I will be away for so long.

Looking forward to sailing on the BC coast Sailng up Jervis Inlet, September 2009

25th July 2009                       Photo --->
Living and working on our boat is all fine and dandy until I want to photograph my work. Trying to take a quality picture of a piece for a gallery when wakes make the boat rock and roll is very frustrating.

Working on Windrunner " "

14th July 2009
Tonight is the opening of the group show, "Divas" that I am in with Gill Brooks and Kat Goodhue, (they are cast glass artists). We are very pleased with how it looks and works together and are looking forward to the opening in a few hours.

29th June 2009
I have just finished my first piece of bone carving. Yes, it was a messy job, but quite enjoyable in a funny way and I was very pleased with the result.

20th June 2009
Today I am off to the butcher to purchase some canon bones for my first stint at bone carving. I anticipate it will be a mucky job.

16th May 2009                        Photo --->                                                                                              
My husband Mark works as a deck hand on the tall ship R. Tucker Thompson which is based in Opua in the Bay of Islands. Over summer they take passengers out on day sails and over the winter months they go out for week long Youth trips and History tours. Because we were both at home for periods of time once the day sails ended and before the tours started up, we were sharing our workshop on the boat. The result was I got to have my own dedicated studio / workshop space by claiming and reworking the forward cabin. This is working out very well. I can shut the door and Mark has his own workshop now too.
Tall ship R. Tucker Thompson " "

26th March 2009
I have just had a meeting with the owner of Molly'N in Epsom. Having just started their clothing line to go with their shoe range they took on some of my jewellery, in particular the Black Singlet Range. Fashion and art - a good mix I think.

March 2009
I was almost on TV! I received a call this week from a lovely lady asking me if I would like to be part of a TV documentary on Maori Television. She had seen my show at Letham Gallery and said that they were interested in artists from the North who were working hard at making art their career and who were pushing themselves to be in galleries in Auckland and further afield despite the distance of living in the North. They were going to send a camera crew up and an interviewer to see me at work in my studio on my boat where we are moored - in Opua. It all fell down when the reporter (who had been told by a gallery, that I was Maori) asked me what my Iwi was. She was very apologetic when she found that I was not Maori. I was fine with it, but she was quite gutted - as she wanted to tell my story. She asked if she could keep me on their files in case a story came up for an interview with artists in general from the north. I was quite honoured to be asked and it would have been great to be on TV, talking about my work - as it is about Aotearoa, not just New Zealand. Anyway - almost 15 minutes of fame. Things are good in the galleries that I am in. We all have a good business relationship. (That is why my prices in the galleries are the same as on my site - It is important to me that I support my galleries as they do me.

13th March 2009                         Photo --->
Opening night of "Mates Rates - Black Singlet" is tonight. The show looks great how Donna and Anna have set it up. I am looking forward to the show. It is on until the 22nd March 2009.
Mates Rates Exhibition " "

1st February 2009
I have been working hard getting work sorted for the Solo exhibition "Mates Rates - Black Singlet" I am having in the Garden Room of Letham Gallery in Ponsonby. It is a lovely space, with white painted brick walls, and French Doors leading out to a bricked garden area. I can see my work working well in this light and airy space. The old style of the house is in line with my old domestic kitchen ware, like my pot lids, and Black Singlet styled pieces.

30th October 2008
I have just enjoyed a wonderful visual feast during the last two weeks in Sapporo, Japan. Mark has gone to Japan for three years a row to help with the Japanese leg of the World Rally (motor sport) and this year I got to go too. As Mark is busy from dawn to dusk sorting out the service park, it gave me a chance to wander around, in and out of shops, parks, galleries, etc by myself. Mark had a translator with him and in the evenings I got to ask her lots of questions about life in Japan.

20th October 2008
We have been visiting family in Sidney, on Vancouver Island, which is always lovely. Sidney is famous for all its bookshops and hence is also called "Booktown". We have loaded up with books on art and boats, plus I have lots of brochures and cards from galleries that I have visited while over there. Lots of inspiration to follow up on when I get home.

9th September 2008                    Photo --->
"Our Black Singlets" my solo show being held at Satellite Gallery, Auckland alongside Caroline Herdson's Solo show. It is nice to share a space with Caroline. I will be at the opening which is always an exciting time.
Tui Red Bands Dad Stuart at Solo Show
Satellite Gallery" "
5th June 2008
I was asked by Julia from Kann Zamaan Gallery in Kerikeri to be part of the Matariki show, and of course I was pleased to join other top Kerikeri artists to celebrate the Maori New Year event. The opening night was lovely with a wide assortment of different works.
1st June 2008                             Photo --->
We have moved from Kaeo to Opua to live on our boat - which means less travel for Mark now - just a short dinghy row to the R.Tucker Thompson, which we can see berthed from our boat. I am finding it quite easy to work on the boat and am enjoying it. We still have our property in Kaeo so I am not without a large studio.
Windrunner where we live and I create " "

20th May 2008
I have just heard that all my pieces at the Artists on Broadway show sold. Thanks Morgan Street for including me in this show. Thanks too to Coutts Cars

16th May 2008
Morgan Street Gallery holds my work, and they have put nine of my Black Singlet pot lid pieces in the Artists on Broadway show held at Coutts Cars. This looks like it will be a great show. I would like to be there, but unfortunately am unable to get down. I hope it all goes well for everyone involved.

March 2008
I was asked to be the guest speaker at Northtec's 2008 Graduation ceremony, where I was to receive my Bachelor of Visual Applied Arts. This was a great honour for me and I very much enjoyed making my speech and being capped. I would like to continue my studies and am looking at doing a Master of Arts in the near future.

26th November 2008
I have finished what I started three years ago - my Bachelor of Visual Applied Arts degree. I am missing the people from tech already, but am looking forward getting back into my studio to make work again after three years off so to speak. It has been a great time, loving every minute of it.

26th July 2007                              Photo --->
The opening night of my solo show "Out of Order" at the Community Arts Centre, Whangarei. Based on street art, this work is about how how we respond to public art from either side of the fence.
"Out of Order" exhibition overview
" "
January 2007
We have just finished building my new studio at home in Kaeo. It is huge, with lots of good light. I am looking forward to getting to make some bigger works.