Tui Slater Conceptual Artist

Wall Art

Wall Art: What else to call it?

Odd frames with prized pictures of the family just hung up in the next available slot in the lounge – bless Nana's intentions. When I make a piece for the wall those displays of photos are often in mind. Why do we put art in the kitchen I wonder? Maybe for pure nostalgic reasons?

On painting - I am not a painter as such and I use the term loosely as I paint – long canvas / banners which are not like regular “canvas”. My framed works are loosely a combination of assemblage and collage and may be a bit Kitsch at times.    

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rKIwiana Attire du Jour

Kaua eWhakaarohia te Mahinga
Kaua e Whakaarohia te Mahinga Engari te Otinga
Great Southern Land
rGreat Southern Land

"How Great Thou Art Aotearoa" Wall Art

How Great Thou Art Aotearoa
Kaore te Kumara e Korero
Kaore te Kumara e Korero Mo Tona Mangaro
"Ka Kite Ano Landscape" Wall Art
Ka Kite Ano Landscape

"Lindseed/Turps Aotearoa Tahi Tahi" Wall Art

Linseed/Turps Aotearoa
Far As A Man May Go

Far As A Man May Go
"Landscape Tekau Tekau" Wall Art

Landscape Tekau Tekau

"Aotearoa Portrait" Wall Art

Aotearoa Portrait
"Copy Right Kapai Aotearoa" Wall Art

Copy Right Kapai Aotearoa

"Stainless Steel Kapai Mate"
Stainless Steel Kapai Mate
"Our Black Singlets"
Our Black Singlets
"Ya Ain't Wrong"
Ya Ain't Wrong
"Keep Clear"
Keep Clear


"No Newspapers Please"
No Newspapers Please
"No Admittance"
No Admittance
"Keep Out"
Keep Out

"Shepher RSVP My Lady" Wall Art

Shepherd RSVP My Lady
"Pearl Plug and Pink Whistle" Wall Art
Pearl Plug and Pink Whistle

"White Wash" Wall Art
White Wash
"Ours Sheila"  male and female singlet assemblage

Ours Sheila

"Democracy, Cliches, Aotearoa" Wall Art

Democracy, Cliches, Aotearoa

Monday Washing Day
"So Faux" Wall Art
So Faux

Straight Up Mate

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

"Clay" Wall Art

"Kate's Rule" Wall Art
Kate's Rule0

"Straight Up Mate Baby Blue"

Straight Up Mate Baby Blue

"DIY" Pot Lid

"Yours Faithfully Mate" Pot Lid

Yours Faithfully Mate
"Foregone Love" Pot Lid

Foregone Love
"Blunt as Buggery" Pot Lid

Blunt as Buggery

"Delicate Cycle" Pot Lid

Delicate Cycle

"Pot Lids" Wall Art

Pot Lids

"Aotearoa's Lot" Wall Art

Aotearoa's Lot

"Frypan Lid" Wall Art

"Hundred Ounce Flamingo" Wall Art

Hundred Ounce Flamingo

"Vetus Schola" painting

Vetus Schola
"Not Yours" painting

Not Yours 600
"Postscript" painting

"Let Off" painting

Let Off

"Old School, New School" Painting

Old School, New School

"Primary Maths Lesson" Painting

Primary Maths Lesson
"The Joneses Too" Wall Art

The Joneses Too

What else to call it?! School photos, children's birthdays, weddings, work parties all hung with pride, each chosen with regard to the content rather than how it should look with everything else on the wall.

My “paintings" are a bit Sarah Lee like, layer upon layer of meaning, as I use word stencils, fabric paints, slabs and stripes of paint that I “glue” down and the like. Once started on a series I enjoy my style of" painting”.

Art on the wall: part of the furniture; easy to have, dependable, sociable, and always there as an ice breaker, a welcome in. Those are some of the reasons why I like to make art for the wall.


Pure "Tuiana" - my parody on Kiwiana. Tuiana is my passion; observing and toying with New Zealand's iconography. I wonder who it is that defines our culture, what our gender and associated roles should be?

The majority of my present work is based on one of two themes:
Black Singlet
New Zealand Landscape
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