Tui Slater Conceptual Artist


Correlation - 2005

Correlation Sculpture

Art Form Sculpture
Theme ---
Materials Calico screen printed, reinforcing mesh, hammer, pink fluffy material, wooden pegs, acrylic paint, tie wire,
Size Approx 1350 x 450 x 1000(mm)

The relationship between the builder and the provider is expressed through materials common to many suburban homes. Who do these materials belong to? Does each party understand the other?

I offer a different perspective from a foundation of the concrete block basement which is often where the laundry and hobby areas are to be found.

The detail on the patchwork ‘breeze blocks” relates for me, to my husband and his trade of draughting, where these triangle symbols are placed on building plans, as per the code imposed by the local authority, that builders read and interpret.

I was one of three girls with a father who was a brilliant mechanic who taught us how to work on cars from an early age. A mother who sewed everything material we needed when growing up, (even the family tent). I never questioned gender roles until I took history at school. What of the soft pink hammer with the hard steel head? What of it I ask, as can it not been just seen as an expression of individuality?

We accept we have rules to obey in society, it is just some are not clearly defined. I can not change the rules, but I can impose order through my work. With the use of a restricted palette, referencing to reinforcing with the mesh, the grids of the mesh and disciplines of patchwork, I seek to poke the monkey.

One thing I know is that the hamper is never empty.

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